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    Ok so I've heard all this talk about ppl getting overcharged for data minutes b/c their Treo doesnt disconnect from the net automatically . I just purchased my Treo 600 on Verizon, and when I checked my minutes, they said I've used 1000 peak minutes in a matter of 2 days . I called verizon about the problem and told them that theres no way I could have talked this long. I am only an occasional net user and will mostly use it on weekends and nights and really dont want to pay any extra for web services. I'd rather just use my peak minutes when I have to, and just make sure my phone disconnects from the web when im done.

    So what is the best way for me to make sure that my phone disconnects from all data services ? I read some posting, that said if I download Battery Dr. , i can program that to shut the data stream off 1 minute after the screen shuts off. is this true? will this solve my problem of accidentally leaving the data service connected?

    If anyone else has any other suggestions on how I can avoid insane overcharges every month, it would be greatly appreciated. I just want a simple way to connect to the data web when i need it, and permanently disconnect it, when its not in use.

    thanks so much
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    does verizon have data plans, and if so check to see if they do ,and if so purchase it and you can stay connected for as long as you want and its one flat rate a month. good luck with verizon.
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    with pinging every 6 minutes, im not sure that would reduce my monthly bill at all. i know there have been quit a few discussions on this topic, but im not sure what the best option is???
    do i have to get rid of this phone? isnt there any way to cut the data connection and prevent it from automatically pinging?

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