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    I'm trying to move to Entourage to take advantage of the Exchange Server syncing. I have a Treo 600 and a Powerbook running OS 10.3.4. I'm currently using Palm Desktop 4.1.

    When I remove the Palm conduits and start using the Entourage conduit I cannot get a sync. My contacts and notes all sync nicely but only all day events sync in my calendar and no To Do's sync at all. The Hotsync Manager quits during the calendar part of the sync. I've tried replacing the Entourage conduit with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any help that's given.

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    I recently changed to entourage 2004 from apple mail, ical, isync

    I also stopped using palm desktop and now use missing sync 4.01 to sync with.

    I used the entourage 2004 conduit installer and with it and missing sync, I am syncing my contacts, addresses, tasks and notes with no problems. In fact I am syncing my treo between my powerbook at home and my G4 desktop at work no problems so far.

    I use snappermail IMAP to keep my mail in sync between the treo and the entourage mail on my computers.

    I have found that if I just transfer my microsoft user data folder between my laptop and my desktop computers using my ipod, I can keep projects in sync too.

    It seems like the perfect system for me right now. I am not sure what the advantages of an exchange server might be unless you wanted to share data with windows users, what do you want to do with microsoft exchange I am curious?

    But anyway, if you switch to missing sync I think you should be OK.

    Good luck
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    Hey, thanks for the reply. I'll see if I can give the Missing Sync a try. I'm interested in the Exchange Server stuff because it looks like I can publish certain categories of my calendar (work) to it which would really suit me.
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    Entourage won't get tasks or notes from the Exchange server, but I assume you just want to sync the local tasks and notes in Entourage? Everything syncs fine for me, and I aslo use the Missing Sync. To be safe, use the Handheld Sync Installer in the Additional Tools folder in your Office applicaiton folder. Microsoft brilliantly kept the same version number of this on the Office 2004 CD as they had released for Entourage X on their web site, but they're not the same.
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    I have to agree with the Entourage users on this thread. Having just moved to Entourage 2004 from Mail, iCal and Addressbook, I have to admit that the solution works well. I use Missing Sync as well, and installed the Sync conduit Microsoft supplied, disabled the isync conduit by unchecking it in Missing Sync, and everything is working great. The only thing I don't like is the address book interface in Entourage, I would prefer more of an address card set up like outlook on Windows or even the side by side like in Address Book.
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    Here's the deal categories with the Treo, Entourage, and Exchange. It doesn't all work seamlessly. Entourage categories don't work with Exchange, and categories from Exchange (created from Outlook on PC) don't work with Entourage. That's pretty disappointing. Categories do work between your Treo and Entourage. Since I had my categories in Outlook on PC set the way I wanted, and I synced my Treo with my PC, my Treo was set the way I watned. Then, I deleted the pre-defined categories in Entourage, and synced with my Treo. Entourage then had the categories I was using in my Treo & Outlook. So in a roundabout way, I had my Exchange categories with Entourage.

    I don't think the calendar on PalmOS uses categories. I could be wrong about that, but I can't find a way to assing a category to an event from the Treo. Entourage uses categories globally though (like Outlook on PC), so when the categories on your contacts in the Treo get put in Entourage, you can use them on calendar events there.

    Now, if you make a new category in Entourage and put it on a calendar event, it won't sync onto Exchange or the Treo (since calendar on PalmOS doesn't do categories). If you put that category on a contact or task item, then it will go to the Treo, and if you then sync to Outlook on a PC, then Outlook/Exchange will get the category too, and you can stick it on the event in Outlook.

    Here's the real kicker. The categories on contacts get synced from Outlook to Treo to Entourage, but they don't get applied to the contacts when you sync the Treo to Entourage. Pretty lame. So my address book in Entourage doesn't have any categories. I get by becaue I prefer the contact interface in Outlook, so I manipulate them there.

    So basically, I manipulate my calendar in Entourage when category is important, and contacts in Outlook similarly. I have both a PC and a Mac regularly available to me. And to be honest, Entourage with Exchange really isn't all that great. You get the best use from Exchange with Outlook, although the new Entourage 2004 is a lot better than Entourage X. But the Mac Business Unit of Microsoft will tell you that Entourage isn't intended to be Outlook, and thus will stay different with different features.

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