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    How good is SplashID for Palm OS to keep passwords and account info secure? What is Blowfish encryption? If I were to lose my Palm, would all my data likely be stolen and used?
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    If someone stole your pda, they would have to be able to hack into SplashID to get your information. Chances of that happening are very low. I keep all my information including credit card numbers in SplashID.
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    I use it also and haven't had a problem yet. Also haven't found found any hacks or a way to crack it. I feel pretty secure using it.
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    And you can use it from your computer desktop, in both PC and OS X platforms?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    And you can use it from your computer desktop, in both PC and OS X platforms?
    That's correct. The desktop companion is as good as the palm app, and they tie together well. I very highly recommend splashid.

    I can only comment on the Windows version, but their webpage says it is also compatable with Mac OS 9.2 or later.
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    I have SplashID, and love it. There's also an app called "free wallet" which is supposedly the same idea. Don't know how good it is. Find it at
    Since I keep "sensitive" stuff, I prefer to pay a few bucks and feel secure.
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    FreeWallet only allows you FIVE entries - it's crippleware. Besides, the interface on eWallet / FreeWallet isn't as clean as SplashID. My 2 cents...
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    I have SplashID and find it very useful. Syncs with no problem with OS X.

    Just be sure to make a backup on your Mac as the main file is kept in the Palm folder (which I trashed once unknowingly dumping my SplashID file as well)
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    I've had SplashID for some time now, I think it's a great app. Be sure to set as long a password as possible to make it secure though (preferably using a combination of letters and numbers).
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