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    Though I feel I've tried everything under the sun, I can't seem to get my mail setup configured to let me send messages. My wireless provider is AT&T and my email is Bellsouth. I'm able to receive messages with no problem, but I can't send. I have my incoming and outgoing server addresses set for per their instructions. I tried changing the SMTP server address for, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

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    If you set the smtp serrver to be atts smtp server, you must also set the username and pwd for the att smtp server. don't leave the pwd in place for your bellsouth smtp server. this will work. as the previous poster suggested, visit snappermails support and click on the very helpful carrier settings link to get the user/pwd needed for each USA carrier.
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    I used my free yahoo account and it works fine. I can send and recieve emails
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    I didn't think I had a problem sending or receiving e-mail. I some clients have mentioned to me that they have not received my e-mails from my phone. I am wondering if these corporations are possibly blocking my e-mails?

    When I send them to others, or myself, I seem to not have a problem.

    Any suggestions?


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