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    After few months of use, my treo 180 dropped to floor. It dropped few times even harder then this time but this time treo went dead.
    Treo is completely dead just one part of red led light is working otherwise everything else is dead

    Any one has idea what the problem should be.
    I opened it but inside is everything OK. Neither one part is broken or damaged.

    I would appreciate any help.
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    Well you have two choices... If you have insurance file a claim. If you don't Crack that baby open and look for loose conections, the screen, digitizer, battery. If those don't do it idk what to say... cept if you want a new treo i'll sell you my 600 if you want.

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    Hey, don't try to open your smartphone. That would void any warranty or upgrade programs offered by palmOne. All you need to do is contact palmOne and have it repaired. Or you may want to have it completely messed up.

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