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    Thanks for the link!

    Does anyone know if this is available for pickup at local stores?
    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

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    man too late! the rebate deadline is 9-02-04.
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    The wording in the item description says the rebate expires on 2004-10-21.
    The PDF rebate form must be an old one.
    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chungmike
    rebate expires on 2004-10-21.
    But you'd have to have already bought the card by now. Here's what the rebate form says:
    How to claim your SD Card Rebate:
    1. Purchase a select Panasonic SD card between August 27, 2004 and September 2, 2004.
    As well, the form goes on to say that "all claims must be received within one month from date of purchase," which would be October 2nd at the latest.

    The offer has ended, basically.

    Edit: Although that's a good point.
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    The Rebate form also shows a wrong price:

    Please check the model you purchased:
    [ ] $15 - 128MB [ ] $25 - 256MB [ ] $50 - 512MB

    Isn't is supposed to be a $30 rebate? Maybe Fry's posted the wrong form. Anyone have contact e-mail with them?

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