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    I love my Treo - and I love that Palmone replaced it recently because it wouldn't work - I was within the one year warranty period. My first Treo 600 was from Handspring, and of course the first thing I noticed was the Palmone logo. But the screen quality has really gone down - you can see the screen refreshing, which is extremely annoying, and the colors are not as vivid - looks kind of washed out. Also, the volume of the device, for ringtones, is about 3/4's or less from the original. Too bad - I'll adjust.
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    I just got brand new vzw palmone treo 600 and don't have any of those problems. Probably luck of the draw.
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    The volume did go down a little on the new ROM but it is hard to perceive. That is probably what you perceive. try monotone ringtones for better clarity. the calls themselves sound just as loud to me. if I really need mega volume I sometimes use speakerphone and flip the phone on its back for the call.
    regarding the screen, contrast adjustment can make a huge difference on color saturation. try adjusting this in the prefs.
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    actually, the screen quality is much improved from the old handspring batch to the new palmone one. ive held both in my hands at one time, and the handspring displays had a yellowish tint to them, and they were never as bright, whereas the palmone version had true white (or as close as an lcd can get to it) and the brightness was noticeably improved. like the previous poster, i think you just got a bad treo. ask for a replacement!
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    My original handspring screen was definitely brighter and whiter than the two replacements I've had, but I can live with it until the 650 comes out and I put the pristine condition replacement on ebay
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