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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a longtime Palm user, VIIx, i705, and now Treo 600 because I can't be away from my web-based emails!

    Yesterday I bought from a Verizon store a brand new Treo 600. I brought it home, I read everything, everything on it works until I went to Hotsync with my existing Palm data.

    Now, I installed the Palm software from the "treo 600" CD that came with my phone. First thing I noticed was it appeared OLDER than the software I had installed on my computer already. The disk says 4.1. I had been running 4.2 with my i705. The literature which came WITH the phone says I should be running 5.2. So...I try to hotsync and the phone wigs out it freezes and the Palm OS screen flashes over and over...I have to system reset to get it to stop. I think a program I had on there from my i705 was conflicting, so I do everything in my power to uninstall it. I hard reset and re-hotsync...same problem.

    I call Verizon and ask about this version conflict I think is going on...They don't know anything and have to connect with Palm, 25 minutes later, someone decides they'll send me a new CD with newer software. (I think, I couldn't really understand him...) So I reinstall my old 4.2 and things back the way they were. I try hot-syncing just my calendar and that doesn't work. I was able to hotsync and add the new AOL application I bought from Handango, and it works, so I know the hotsync is working, I am just at a loss as to what to do for now with the rest of the Palm data of mine. Any other ideas???

    If anyone knows anything more about all this, please advise!

    Annoyances: brand new product has old software...Verizon doesn't know anything about Treo and I can't understand their overseas helpers...Palm refers you to Verizon...and the Palm website doesn't have 5.2 for me to download!
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    i had this same problem and this is how i got around it. i exported my contacts and calender to my hard drive. i then created a new user account and imported those two files. for other programs i beamed them to my treo 1 at at a time to see exactly which program was giving my fits. i never found the program but my treo now works perfect.

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    I tried your idea. The Treo hotsync's w/o crashing now, but it still doesn't load the files. It finishes sync'ing and says everything is sync'd, but there's no data in my calendar or contacts, etc. Any other ideas???
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    did you export them and then import them into your new user id? one thing i forgot to mention is make sure you select all the records and not the one selected when you export them. i did this and i could not figure out why it was only importing 1 record. this way is a pain in the ****, but it worked for me. the important thing is you have to creat a new user id. i guess i should have asked are you using the palm desktop for your contacts and calender?

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    I had a problem when i first got my treo 600 with vzw where i was stuck in a reset loop and I had to hard reset and never was able to sync. What happened was that I had a palm device a couple of years ago and it kept a palm folder on my c drive. The computer was automatically trying to reinstall all my old app's (like an old scrabble freeware i had) and they were not working with treo. Only way I figured it out was by wathcing the screen while i hotsync'ed. I noticed applications being installed that I hadn't seen in years. Once I just deleted all those old applications it stopped trying to reinstall them. Now I keep my treo clean. Just the necessary apps that are designed to work with it (pdanet, hotmail viewer, ptunes, audible, vindigo, etc.) Hope this helps

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