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    Hi All,
    New Treo 600 owner here; greatly appreciate this forum.
    Purchased my Treo 600 (Verizon) this week, and recently went back to using the Palm Desktop and leaving Outlook.
    I used the supplied CD to install the desktop and software, and all went well.
    I allowed the software to look for "Incompatible Applications" and it placed the following in a desktop folder:
    Well, like a fool, I installed these two files using the desktop install
    (hey...we do these things from time-to-time )
    Any issues here?
    Should I hard reset to get rid of them?
    Greatly appreciate any insight and comments.
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    if it's working i wouldn't worry about it. if you want to get rid of them you can hit the menu button, and chose delete. it will then list all of your programs and choose those two programs.

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    They don't show up as deletable applications in the menu.
    If I select menu, I can see them both, and they are in the desktop backup folder.
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    hmmm....what if I delete them from the backup folder, then sync using the system setting as "desktop overwrites handheld?" I guess that would take them out, but if they overwrote a file with the same name, I've lost the correct ones.
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    you can download a free program called filez from
    they should show in there.


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