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    here's what's up. The Battery in my 270 needed replacing. I bought one from I carefully turned off the 270, removed the screws, opened the case, and disconnected the battery cable. I then connected the new battery placed it in the case and closed it up. I charged the battery for 12+ hours. When I turned it on there was an 1/8" thick horizontal line a quarter of the way down from the top of the display. A soft, warm & hard reset did not eliminate this line. So, I opened it up and put the old battery back in. Same problem and the soft, warm & hard resests did not make it go away. I was very careful opening the 270 and did not touch anything but the edges of the board.

    Any thoughts on how to correct this problem would be great...thanks for your help!
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    There is a ribbon cable that connects the screen PCB to the motherboard (from memory, I think it's the widest cable). This cable must be properly seated in it's connector. If it's not properly aligned with the corresponding pins on the PCB, you will get a line or lines across the screen.

    Try reseating the cable.
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    I tried reseating the cable...didn't solve the problem. I wonder if I damaged the cable when opening or closing the case.
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    Possible but that cable is pretty sturdy... I had the same problem and it took a few goes to get the cable just right.
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    Try pressing on the screen kind of hard.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by j762538
    Try pressing on the screen kind of hard.
    Careful, you might damage the screen...
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    Try slipping something thin and dull (like the end of a paperclip) CAREFULLY under the ribbon cable on the right side of the screen. Sometimes a slight indentation on the cable can cause that line. So slide it under and pull up GENTLY as you pull back on the paperclip. The idea is to smooth out any indents in the cable.
    If that fails, I have replacement screens for $25 + shipping.

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