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    Hi there,

    In my iCal, I often use all-day events that go over several days to represent a project, business trip, etc. Does anybody know how to make these show up properly in the Treo? My Treo only shows me the first day of one of these events.

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    I believe the built in database that the Palm addressbook uses doesn't support these kinds of events. Single day only. You can do all-day events that are one day only, but repeat. I think I even had trouble syncing all-day events that have a recurrence with no end date from Outlook on a PC, because the conduit didn't want to break it up into single all-day events that repeat. Or something like that. But yeah, it's a pain if you want to make a multiple-day spanning event that has a different start time than end time. Palm database just don't understand that.

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