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    I got the latest version of Clip Pro & I can't get it to do what the older version did; My clipboard would be loaded with multiple clips & when I went to paste something, a pop up would appear & I could choose which clip I could paste. Well now when I paste something, it just pastes whatever last clip I copied. I can't choose which clip to paste. Although when I open the Clip Pro app, there are multiple clips there. Any help?
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    You need to make sure you are using Clip Pro to paste. Don't use the built in paste. You can do this by activating the program through the shortcut (need to activate it in options) or setting a hardware activation button. Then go to "paste."

    I use the volume down button on the Treo 600.
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    I do use Clip Pro to paste & it only gives me the latest clip. No choice!

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