View Poll Results: Squared, Rounded or No Antenna?

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  • Squared

    17 50.00%
  • Rounded

    7 20.59%
  • No Antenna

    10 29.41%
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    I hope the Treo 650 is in its way out soon. But I would like to know if anyone concurs with me on the squared antenna being nicer than the rounded one. Obviously no antenna is way much cooler to some people, but I personally like the squared one in my 600.

    Credit to treonauts for the pic they have a nice poll about the design here don't think it would change anyting with the 650 almost out the door, but maybe we can "decide" something about the 700
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    I prefer the squared antenna. I think that it looks less "cheezey".
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    The T650 antenna looks like the T270/T300 antenna! Why? Why?
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    i think ill have to rip off my t600 antenna so i cn place the black cap over the 650
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    Looking at the "official" info available now it seems that the rounded ugly antenna did it into production units, the only hope for me is that the antennaes can be interchanged somehow.
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    Why am I reminded of Gulliver's Travels?

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