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    A serious Tréo 650 competitor seems to be delayed for a good year....

    This supposed "Tréo killer" should have been released almost at the same time as the 650 but now it seems it will not come before second half of 2005.

    A pitty - As I'm dissapointed of what the 650 has to offer, I was considering this phone... Well let's say I'll do saving for this Xmas


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    I was waiting with baited breath for this device. I heard last week it was going to be delayed until early 2005, now its 2nd half of 2005. By the time it actually comes out it will be like the Sendo X, a great device delivered a year too late.
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    I wonder if BenQ has a news(less) group like this one where others are chatting about the BQ50 the way we have the T650? Do the people there talk about the T650 as a contender to thier dreams?
    Those who said "I'll wait for the BQ50, it's got it all." It's got nothing, its not on the horizon. Wait all you want. By the time it makes it the next generation Treo will be out, not just an upgrde (600 to 650)...
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    I must admit, I was seriously considering this too.
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    I too was looking at the BenQ. I went to their web site to see what I cauld find out. I believe they listed the specs that they would possibly have, but then it said that the device was under development. In other words--still on the drawing board.
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    Don't you just HATE Photoshop and how it can give life to mere dreams?
    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
    If it works for you, it is "P"erfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstrauss
    Don't you just HATE Photoshop and how it can give life to mere dreams?
    The image of the "three TREO 650s" that is the topic of another thread looks thoroughly "photoshopped" for the left-hand "TREO 650". Strange stuff ABOVE the screen area, for example.
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    palmone has been very slow in terms of innovation. they better make something groundbreaking quick or many will shift to the windows mobile OS (when they improve activesync of course)

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