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    This is bizarre. All of a sudden, yesterday, my Treo 600 has started to soft-reset itself, periodically.

    It now barely stays up longer than for a few minutes before it resets itself.

    Just before the trouble started I received an unsolicited junk SMS, which I have also received 3 or 4 times more. I don't know if this is related to the problem.

    I will try a complete hard reset and reload of my system and see if that helps but has anyone any words of advice or is my Treo 600 on its way out?


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    It's most likely some application you have loaded that's causing the problem. Highly doubtful that it's a virus. If the problem doesn't persist after a hard reset, then it would be best to load your applications back on one at a time. If you do that, you should be able to figure out the culprit.
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    last post is accurate. there are no Treo or PalmOS viruses thankfully. you have some bad software in place. use the ERR key sequence to find out the culprit.
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    OK, finally worked out what the problem is - the SMS I was receiving was causing the problem.

    This is a potentially serious issue for other Treo 600 users. The SMS I received was a junk SMS from an anonymous originator. For some reason the Treo crashed each time I received the SMS from my SP. In fact it was the same SMS but as the Treo never completely processed it, it continued to be resent, presumably because the SPs server did not get some kind of completion receipt from my phone.

    To get around the problem, I put my SIM into a spare phone which received the SMS intact, thus removing it from my SPs transmit queue. Once removed from the queue it has not re-appeared and my Treo is no longer resetting itself.

    I then read the post about the diagnostic sequence and sure enough it reveals that my phone last crashed while running 'SMS' and the error message is 'ChunkedArray.c, Line: 164, invalid index'. That is a damn useful sequence to know!

    I guess the Treo SMS app is crap. Is there an alternative out there?


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