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    I bougt a headset for my treo 300 and it would not work right and I thought the phone was messed up because the headset worked fine with my house phone. Some told me to try a Nokia M133-N1 headset and it works perfectly and I noticed the ends are different. So just passing on some info. someone gave me.
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    In My Phone The Nokia 6610 And 6100 Headset Works Just Fine. I Have Treo 180.
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    the only headsets besides the OEM one that comes with the 180/270/300 is the nokia 3300 and 3200 series headsets anyone of those will work
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    Why do only these work? The jack seems to be standard, but only these few work. I had an old hands-free kit and you couldn't hear on it at all.
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    Some one at Radio shack told me to look at how the plugs are made and they seem to be a little different the the standard cell phone jacks.

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