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    Quote Originally Posted by mistertreo
    Obviously you have not heard of the implantable version of the Treo SmartPhone coming out in 2010...

    Yes, here is the thread on that model....
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    The Sprint Treo 650 will absolutely have Bluetooth.
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    i am turning blue just lookin at this thread.
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    there will be bluetooth......i saw it on sprint's intranet site exclusive to newsy employees with to much time at work like me
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    It is interesting that someone would even disute the core capabilities of this device. There are so many coroborating statements as to the specs that the only real thing in doubt is the release date and how soon will P1 come out with a newTreo to follow that is based on Cobalt. It is clear that P1 will comeout with a new high end phone baed on this platform later next year. They may also come out with a lowend model and have a true Treo family.
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    He / she is just confused. It will have bluetooth, but on sprint, most likely it will be crippled so you cannot use it to get your laptop online.
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