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    Crazy glue sounds rather about staples instead?
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    sprint case with belt clip attached to my belt over my right hip.

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    Ya know, I've tried staples, but it just doesn't give me that warm secure feeling that crazy glue does...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bilbo__baggins
    Jacket pocket usually, reluctantly resorted to bum bag during the summer...

    Did you mug a real bum?
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    Metal case by PDA Armour seems to be perfect for the Treo 600
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    I use the clear front case you find all over Ebay. Works great with swivel belt clip.
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    I have the leather case with the clip and clip it to my pocket
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    I recyled a black horizontal generic belt case from the AT&T store is used with my previous Nokia phone. Magnetic closure works great. I have been looking for something better for about a year, but I've come to the conclusion, I like the way this case works for me.

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    Krussell case since i dropped my first one. It was way too slippery. The serial number sticker also was starting to peel off. It does ruine the hand feel though. My goal is to keep this one prestine until I can get a T650 and sell it in e-bay. I will proballly get an e-grips for the T650.
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    I have the T-Mobile packaged clear-front-cover leather form fitting case by P1 (cost about $10.00 less than P1's version). When I'm at the hospital, it gets clipped to the waistband of my scrubs on the swivel clip. When other places, just in the front-left pocket of my slacks.

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    I have been using the simple slip-case packaged with the treo as a belt clip. I slip the lower opening onto my belt and the treo slips in with just a nudge. Works for me.
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    I'ma haveta say what most are saying... Front left pocket with keys/coins in right.
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    Krusell case with clip on belt. I initally had a problem with this case because my SD card kept popping out. But I snipped off part of the case in front of where the card is and it has worked fine ever since.
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    Covertec case - wish it had a loop instead of a clip (comes off occasionally).
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    Black covertec case on my belt. I love it. I lost a treo before by using the handspring horizontal case But I made sure this case would grip better on the belt.. and it's worked very well. Love it.
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    Black covertec horizontal.

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    Original Palm belt clip case. Strap over the top keeps from losing the sd card. Have just recently cut half of the clear vinyl away and put on a screen protector (because of heavy wear and tear on the vinyl over the screen. The keys are still covered.

    Had my Treo for over a year now and still looks brand new. On very rare occasions will remove and carry in my front left pants pocket.
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    Black horizontal from Brando. I even jog with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duoart
    Black covertec horizontal.

    The only way to go!

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    Does n e one have the new Vaja case seen hhere
    I read a review and it seems like the best of all worlds. Please let me know what you all think
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