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    Well it seems that we are all in a holding pattern waiting for more information so I thought I would throw out some conjecture based on the new connector. I have been interested in the connector because I just cannot join the conspiracy theorists that think Palm changed it just to increase accessory revenue. I already posted last week on the Tungsten T5 charging cable that shows the separate connector possibility for power and data. See to look at the cable. Anyway, I was reading a review of the T5 on Palm Infocenter and came across something really interesting:

    "The Tungsten T5 is the first handheld to incorporate the new Multi-Connector, a new common connector for palmOne handhelds and future smartphones. The new connector adds capability and features that were not possible with the Universal Connector such as audio and video out. "

    I confirmed this claim in several different T5 reviews. Hmmm audio and video out. Well audio out is sort of interesting. Here are some possibilities:

    1-Your desktop cradle could have a 3.5 mm phono jack and you could plug in a set of computer speakers. Cool, but if you are at your desk, why not just use your computer to play tunes?

    2-You could make a portable audio docking station like so many that have been created for the ipod. This way you could take your treo 650 to the beach or on the road anywhere that you want to play music out loud, and dock and go.

    3-You can make an automobile docking station that is used for both hands free communication and to play music through the car stereo. Cool, but Seidio already offers something like this by plugging into the 2.5 mm jack. I'm not sure how robust it is.

    But video out? VIDEO OUT? Whoa! That raises much more interesting possibilities:

    1-You could connect your Treo 650 directly to an LCD projector (with a simple cable) and do Powerpoint presentation on the road with only your Treo. I know that Margi makes Presenter to Go and Mobility makes the Igo, but these are just one more thing to carry and I have not bothered. I just keep dragging my laptop along. For me, powerpoint presentations would be a huge benefit. I think it would be the death of my laptop.

    2-You could make a desktop docking station. I don't mean sync cradle, but docking station with full size display and full size keyboard attached it. This allows for serious work to get done right on the Treo. The cell phone becomes the computer.

    3-Similar to the last item, somebody could make a pretty cool accessory that is basically a dumb cheap laptop that has only display, keyboard, and battery. You dock your Treo to it on the road for doing work in your hotel room or at Starbucks or wherever. The benefit is that you do not have to manage two machines and install application on two machines and transfer files around. Your Treo becomes your computer and file center and you just adapt it for the size of display and keyboard that is needed and is possible. I think this would be pretty cool.

    Of course the problem with the last two ideas is that the processor has to be capable of supporting graphics for a larger display. I think a 400 MHz processor is close if not already there. It is just a question of frames per second update rate. At the least, I bet the Powerpoint presentation capability is actually planned for the Treo 650.

    Well, just thought I'd share some conjecure. I hope it intrigues you as much as me.
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    PC is dead!!!!
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    I too envision the future where the "SmartPhone" becomes the brain unit for our home/office workstations. I think we need one or two more generations of memory and processor improvements for this to support everything we are accustomed to in a regular heavy PC environment.

    With flexible displays coming in a year or two, I want to think that our little phone form factor could open up to a pseudo-monitor size so that we could really get enjoyment out of multimedia and graphics-intensive programs.

    I just hope PSource can keep up on the OS side as our little PALMOS starts truly encroaching on Windows territory.

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