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    Agile Messenger is an Instant Messenger for your mobile telephone supporting ICQ®, AIM®, Yahoo!®, MSN®, QQ® and Wireless Village®
    FREE beta
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    finally, they support Palm
    I just can't wait for the voip push to talk thing to work on my treo... I hope they ported the version 3 soon to palm
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    This version doesn't work well, has major problems logging in on various IM's. Free so far, but Verichat and Causerie blow it away.
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    Yep, no competition from this release. Ben
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    is Causerie better than Chatopus?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ixtab1970
    is Causerie better than Chatopus?
    Try the trial , and you be the judge, everybody's different.
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    Causerie by MantraGroup has undergone a lot of development since its release. For me it is stable and performs well. Like all wireless apps, it is subject to loosing connection with the service provider. It does not maintain a persistent connection. Ease of setup, getting around once you become accustomed to the interface, the 5-way works pretty good, et cetera. I also hold an expired Verichat license and find it a match for Verichat. Worth trying. Ben

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