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    I finally recieved my 600 and now I am basking in the glorious light. Well, maybe its not that dramatic, but you guys know what I mean
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    Welcome aboard. Please make sure you have backup software and try to avoid dropping it.
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    So I'm guessing that its rather sensitive to drops? Also, does anybody else get a ringing noise in the earpiece when the screen is on
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    As any electronic equipment would be. Drop are not exactly the things you want to happen.

    The ringing nose, I have not had that. Please scan or search there may be something related to the echo issue but not sure.

    Do you have any other software installed?
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    I don't make a habit of dropping electronics, but I understand what you mean. and no, other than the normal software, none
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    I think I may hang onto it for a bit and see if it goes away. If not, its on warranty, so sprint will replace it
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    Welcome to the Club Wes!
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekyMom
    Welcome to the Club Wes!
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    Wes, I would suggest that you bring it to Sprint to have it checked out.
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    But the worst part about that is that my Sprint Store sucks so I am gonna have to go to a different one. And the closest one isnt really that close
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    Well, I'm gonna take your advice and drop it of today on my morning break to get tested. I figure its good to go ahead and take care of it before the earpiece goes out or something like that happens.

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