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    Just as other Treo users have understood the great benefits of having a computer that gives an unlimited amount of information anywhere one may travel and all of one's personal files (including images, music, movies, data, etc.)... I too have considered the benefits and how smartphones will revolutionize the world.

    No more desktops or laptops...they'll be obsolete. Some may say it won't happen for a long time, but others have seen the speed at which computers shrink and speed up and I must say that in only a few years we will start that trend. As soon as palmSource gets their act together and releases a considerably stable version of their Cobalt OS, palmOne will be bound by nothing. This is the biggest lack of the current Treo: not allowing for true multitasking, native support of media files, and seamless integration of all wireless standards -- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and soon to be EV-DO/EV-DV and/or UMTS. Everything that's being blamed on palmOne should be blamed on palmSource, this is why they split up -- so they'd get some sense slapped into them when they see their shares slipping. PalmOne got ahold of the best pda/phone form factor, and then they made it even more phone like while improving just about everything for the filesystem aparently.

    I'm waiting for both the filesystem/memory issue to be resolved, as well as bluetooth DUN support from Sprint, before I consider buying. But I'm willing to bet that both of these issues won't be resolved by the time Cingular releases an unlocked GSM phone. I was a loyal Sprint fan up until recently, when I realized I've got better choices now. The GSM phone already has bluetooth DUN support, EDGE support (may not be too significant over CDMA, but sure as hell isn't any slower), a larger network, and a better color to boot.

    Back on topic....the true seamless wireless integration is the key for smartphones. That's what makes them better than laptops -- they're smaller and are ALWAYS connected. People thought smartphones wouldn't ever come because no one could make it easy enough for your average Joe to input into with high usability marks...Jeff Hawkins left palmOne, started Handspring, and came up with the Treo. The Treo's unique selling advantage was it's keyboard. I'm fairly certain that will be the main type of input for a long time. Voice recognition will probably be used for certain applications, such as dialing, but it won't replace keyboards for a VERY long time. It's just too hard to program each name, word, etc., and especially when there's millions of different accents. It's too easy for anyone to pick up a treo and start typing though. I've thought about projection keyboards, but you can't use them on the go or while you're standing, it's just extra weight that you don't need. Most people can type at least 30 wpm with their peck and hunt two thumb method, and won't need to do anything more while they're away from their home.

    When they return to their home, their bluetooth door unlocks (maybe even opens) for them. They walk near their 19" wireless OLED monitor and it automatically turns on, displaying a higher resolution of their palmSource operating system. The reason they don't have Microsoft is because, well -- they just plain suck. Anybody who uses Windows on a PDA will revert back to palmOne's products as soon as Cobalt becomes stable. Or Linux...but it ain't Microsoft. They go to the fridge which automatically sends another few items to the shopping list under the To Do program. The sensor under the milk has noticed there's only enough milk for one more bowl, as well as some other things that are low. Then the person proceeds out the door, to the car, and uses the GPS to find the nearest store with reasonable prices. He enters the store and finds that he cannot enter unless he has his smartphone with him. Once the store's computer database recognizes him, he walks in and gets what's on his shopping list and whatever else he might want to eat/drink. The best part is that he walks right out. Never having to stop in the checkout line because the checkout line recognizes his smartphone on exit and all products' RFID tags as well. This saves businesses so much money because their are no employees necessary. Most customer service employees won't be needed either because when a problem arises, they just search the manufacturer's website for an answer to their problem. Oh, and then all of a sudden after avgJoe returns home, he gets a message on his phone. It's from the vote on a certain bill which he chooses to read briefly, read every detail, or ignore. He chooses to call his closest friends to debate before he makes his final decision. He flips the camera on his phone toward himself, then dials his friends, watching each of their faces popup on whichever screen he might want to use in his home.

    I see so many benefits of technology, but the biggest disadvantage is having an unstable OS such as Windows on these future computers. That's the only disadvantage I can see in the future, is building a truly secure and stable OS for everyone. Maybe Microsoft is up to the job, but I doubt it.

    By the way...does anybody else believe that COMputers will lead us to focus on living as a COMmunity through COMmunication and information instead of selfishly thinking about ourselves like most do now, which will eventually lead us to COMmunism. I think the problems with communism before were that the people in control abused their power, so it became more like a dictatorship. I think that computers will help businesses run so efficiently that the motivation for someone to innovate a new product or business for the government would be a non-laborious job, or maybe fame....not fortune.

    Sorry if this was a little more than you expected to read. Just trying to keep the thread going for awhile.
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    oh yea....and this all continues to just grow in speed and shrink in size until the entire smartphone, excluding screen, keyboard, and casing can fit into one tiny chip that's implanted in your brain. Seems inevitable to me as long as nuclear bombs aren't used, UV rays don't melt people after the ice is gone, and/or aliens start to invade Earth with their guns that fire whenever their minds will it. People say aliens communicate telepathically, but we know it's 'cause they have chips that communicate with their bluetooth/Wi-Max enabled guns.

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