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    Hi there,

    I'm running into some serious trouble getting my HotSync manager to work.

    I have OS 10.3.5, iSync 1.5, and have installed PalmDesktop 4.1. My intention was to have my iSync working to sync my Address Book and iCal. I had it working GREAT earlier today. Then I installed Missing Sync, then the next time I tried to Sync, nothing!

    I tried to open my Hot Sync manager. it opens, but I can't select Conduit Settings, Edit Users, or anything. it's just unresponsive, then it will finally crash. The Palm Device Icon has also dissapeared from my iSync window.

    I repaired permissions, removed everything Palm and removed everything Missing Sync as well (I hope, at least). Then I logged in as root user, re-installed the Palm software, Re installed the iSync Palm Conduit 1.2, and still the same problem. I repeated the whole thing again, same problem.

    Is there potentially something left over from Missing Sync that's in the way of my HotSync manager from functioning? Any other ideas?

    I REALLY need help with this please! if anyone can chime in, I'd be so grateful.

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    Check /Library/Application Support/Palm Desktop and ...Palm HotSync. There may be some files left over in these two directories. You might want to delete the directories and reinstall P.D.

    Verify that P.D. works, then install the iSync conduit. Now test that iSync syncs iCal and Address Book. After this, then try Missing Sync if you need it.
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    Thanks for the advice. I followed your advice up until the part of installing Missing Sync, but I wanted to avoid that before I spent $40 on something that is potentially giving me grief. On instinct, I uninstalled every little trace I could find of my existing Palm Destop/HotSync Manager software, then I installed 4.2.1. VOILA! Everything works.

    God, what a relief. But I tell 'ya - it works great. I use Palm Desktop for my Memos, Address Book and iCal, and it's just great. Works like a charm!

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    Glad I could help!

    Since I print my calendar for general family use, I still prefer the better print capabilities of P.D. over iCal. So I use iSync's "Apple" Conduit to get Address Book integration, but keep the original P.D. Datebook Conduit too, so that the calendar goes to P.D. (Note that you also have to turn off calendar sync in iSync.)
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    Missing Sync completely replaces HotSync (with a much better syncing solution in my opinion, Windows users could be envious), so it disables it when you install it. So what you did was break HotSync and then fixed it.

    I suggest considering Missing Sync. You can have profiles of your conduits. For example, you can make a profile that excludes the Backup conduit for faster syncs and then run a profile with just the Backup conduit once a day. Plus the backup is complete, unlike with HotSync. You can also sync over the Internet. And you can mount and SD card on the desktop. It makes a playlist in iTunes which gets synced to your Treo. And there's some other features I know I am leaving out.

    You should be able to keep using PalmDesktop, because MissingSync can use its conduits too.

    But if those features don't tickle your fancy, then HotSync works great too. But when you buy a device in the future that has PalmOS 6 on it, there won't be a HotSync for it, but there will be MissingSync for it.
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    Thanks, Gentlemen. Great tips. I'll definitely consider MissingSync for an ultimate choice, particularly as Palm phases out its Mac HotSync support.

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    missing sync usually conflicts with your palm desktop hotsync manager that's why you usually have problems synchronizing your device. missing sync totally disables your hotsync manager and thus giving you "connection cannot be established error". iy your gonna use missing sync, might as well uninstall pds and then install missing sync. if you both in your pc, missing sync and pds, you'd end up unable to sync
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    ...or do I need 4.0?

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