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    Quote Originally Posted by ERicJ
    Post #1 is Treo600 only data (before the 650 was released).

    Post #12 compares the same cards in both Treo600 and Treo650.
    Ah! I was indeed confused, sorry. Should have read entire thread more carefully.

    Well, knowing this, it would appear that faster-than-standard SD card usage is quite useless given the 650's internal limitations! I could have answered my own hypothesis if I'd read better, sorry. I will now proceed to buy the absolute cheapest 1GB card I can find, unless someone can prove that I'd be missing out on in-the-Treo speed benefits.

    Actually, this is quite important news I think, and these tests should be stickied in the SD forum. Frankly, there are a lot of people out there who are mistakenly thinking their Treos will benefit from faster media, when the only speed increase they will see over the lowest-speed SD media is when they use a card reader.


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    That's not quite true. Some cards are vastly slower than others -- the Treo simply places a cap on performance. See for some benchmark results (although the testing conditions are not perfectly consistent).

    For example, cards that are manufactured by Toshiba, such as those sold by PNY, are known to have extremely slow write speeds. Also, beware of ultra-cheap cards that may not comply with SD Card specifications. PalmOne warns about this in a knowledgebase article:
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    I too bought a 1GB card that isn't marked hi-speed but its fast. Its marked SD1GB-100M. I know its fast - I can write to it with my Bonzai thumbdrive reader much faster than my previous 256MB card. In the Treo its able to record voice memos directly to the card. I suspect all 1GB cards are plenty fast enough for a Treo and am going to take advantage of the rebate on - end price just over $50

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