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    Looking for some advice on which push email beta to participate in. Priorities are as follows:

    1. Timely, accurate delivery of enterprise (Exchange) email via push solution.
    2. Strong attachment support
    3. Access to multiple exchange email folders
    4. Wireless calendar sync
    5. Accept/decline/initiation of meeting requests
    6. Access to GAL
    7. Task access/assignment

    I am initially looking at a desktop redirector solution until the value of a dedicated server solution can be justified. I realize that the wireless activesync technology to be included in upcoming versamail releases will handle mail and calendaring from Exchange 2003 without a desktop redirector or dedicated server (ie, GoodLink or BES). I also realize that wireless activesync is not a true push, but rather a pull.

    I found myself spending a great deal of time poking around TC and the rest of the internet looking for a compendium of push email/PIM solutions.

    It would be great to add either a board dedicated to this or at least a sticky for a listing of what all is out there and what features each supports.
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    Any discussion of product feature/function would violate NDA. Why don't you sign up for both?

    That being said, I've been on a quest for the same requirements. I'm currently Beta testing a few products that do indeed seem to address the requirements you've listed above. In fact, I was going to ditch the Treo recently, but with these products, it's become a serious business tool again. My "production" application is ATT's OfficeOnline. At best, all I can say is that it makes emails available, but that's about it. The Beta products are true push, and are very "Blackberry like in their operation". The desktop redirector(s) work extremely well in a very locked down Exchange environment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bostonnerd
    Any discussion of product feature/function would violate NDA.
    Good point re: the nda - a bit embarrassed for not thinking of that. Also good to hear that you have had good luck with a redirector.

    I have not read through the ndas obviously, but if you could share any favorable experience (ie, had good results with ___) with either product, that would be great. No need to compare or share difficulties. Thanks.
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    You might want to give Visto a try as well - their MessagExpress product is very nice. I was also in the SEVEN beta, and actually bailed out to use Visto. I just liked their UI much better, on an overall basis. But no one product is right for everyone.

    Good luck.
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    supposedly the visto solution is what att uses for their office online service... also- how is visto from a technical standpoint? i'm interested in seeing it's ui and if it uses goodlink's sms based push or an ip based push similar to onebridge. sms push is better because it helps conserve battery life...

    -edit- nevermind
    "Control how and when user's email is delivered: manual, scheduled, or pushed in real time with Visto's innovative IP triggered synchronization technology"

    hmmm just wondering how they work that out...
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    While the ATT client is OEM'd from Visto, it is not the same as the Visto supplied client. The ATT client is web based without any push support. It's not worth the 6 dollars p/month they charge.
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    Has anybody tried Sproqit yet? I was sent the link on Friday to install the beta but have not tried it yet? Any reviews?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bostonnerd
    While the ATT client is OEM'd from Visto, it is not the same as the Visto supplied client. The ATT client is web based without any push support. It's not worth the 6 dollars p/month they charge.
    ITA. I tried the ATT client briefly and ATT should be embarrassed to offer something so limited at any cost.

    Verizon Wireless Sync works very, very well with Domino Notes (my company standard). Although it has its moments, it is dependable. VZW doesn't charge extra for it -- if you don't count the unlimited data plan that you need for a 24X7 push email solution.

    I'd rather use something independent of Verizon. Can you tell more about the Visto supplied client? Their website stated that the client was only supplied by their wireless partners (e.g. ATT).
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    The Visto client worked very well as a Push solution. My biggest complaint was tthe lack of filtering to allow SMS alerts based on sender address or subject. As I receive 150 or so work emails a day, I needed the ability for instant response based on VIP status of sender.
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    Visto's model is to sell it's product through a carrier only. It doesn't appear that you can go to their site and download it directly. The carrier would have to strike up an agreement with Visto and make it an offering. For example, in Canada, Rogers brands it as "Enhanced Wireless Desktop" and includes it for free with a data plan. You need to check if your carrier offers it.

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    huh - I used it on a personal basis, but I might have been grandfathered from having used it when it was called 'TreoMail' on the 300. Once the 600 came out, Handspring made their TreoMail users (which was the Visto client under the covers, with some good UI enhancements made by Handspring) move off TreoMail and over to Visto.
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    well i'm looking at it for an internal hosted solution, so i'll investigate further... apparently their server product has extra features over the personal edition.
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    I have been using the Sproqit Beta. It does all of that and more. It's the first really complete solution I've ever used. And it's not a redirector so it's not forwarding all of my stuff through a data center like the other guys do.

    Good luck.
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    I have also been trying out the Sproqit beta. I have to say that I am very impressed with the wealth of information it provides (file access, and complete Outlook: mail, calendar, notes, tasks) with quick delivery and access to information offline. I especially like the ability to accept/decline meeting invitations that updates your remote Outlook calendar (although it does not update your local palm calendar or other palm apps – contact, tasks, etc.). Palm apps would be updated the next time you HotSync’ed. It currently supports document viewing (even pdf), but only as text (no graphics).

    If it had better palm application integration and better attachment handling, it would be a killer app. Even without them, it is impressive.
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    I tried the Sproqit beta today. Biggest turnoff was that there was almost no integration with the 5 way. The menus and what not seemed a bit odd as well, and it looked like it was either Exchange mail or POP3 mail, it wouldn't do both. Overall I thought it was just OK.

    I have been on the Seven beta for about 2 weeks now, and was using Sprint BC before that. The beta is very nice, and offers mostly the same thing at Sproqit, although with a much nicer interface. And the Seven beta Treo client is head and shoulders above the older Sprint BCS client. And it lets me check my POP3 account and has a very nice web client also. I think the Seven beta program is pretty open, and you can register at the website.

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    where can u register on the seven site???
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    send an e-mail to
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    thanks. and now I wait impatiently
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    Mike, are you sure it was Sproqit you tried? I think it has good integration with the 5 way. I especially like that I can file my messages into folders whether I'm online or offline. They also do this cool thing where they stream in data. I have 6000 messages in my inbox and I can get to the entire list. Also, I have my outlook set to get POP3 and exchange and the Sproqit service allows me to get to all of them. And I can send files that are on my dektop and on my corporate networks. I dont think Seven really compares. Try sending yourself a message and see how long it takes to get to your device using seven. Sproqit is almost instantaneous, while seven takes quite awhile. I dont belive it is as good a solution.

    Just my two cents.
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    Sproqit requires a "Desktop Agent" component to be running, does it not? How does that differ from a "redirector"?
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