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    I have been using Visto and it sucks- I need to try Sproqit- Is it free? How do I go about trying it? I have heard good things- fast, reliable... thanks.
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    Use the free trial at I believe there is a monthly rate after that.

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    Palmlover- got it and so far so good. Amazing how fast it pulls e-mails from my home computer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meri
    Palmlover- got it and so far so good. Amazing how fast it pulls e-mails from my home computer!
    I tried the trial version of Sproqit but got a lot of gibberish on the screen (random letters, symbols, etc). Anyone else have this problem? I haven't tried re-installing yet. How is the interface (composing/sending emails, look-up feature, etc?) Seemed pretty basic to me and wasn't too quick looking up email addresses in the contacts file.
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    interface is great- very basic. your outlook calendar is the same. e-mail interfaces with your contacts list. i am amazed how fast it is.

    don't know about the gibberish stuff- try a reinstall.
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    I tried reinstalling after a hard reset and still had the gibberish problem. Also, I found the lookup feature very slow as it had to access contacts list on server rather than on handheld. Faster to type email addresses in by hand.
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    Sproqit appears to not support Lotus Notes at all. I'm not sure about Seven. They say it support Lotus Domino. Anyone know if that means it will support Lotus Notes?

    Bob Meyer
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    Sproqit is releasing Lotus notes in a few months. I think if you have outlook it should support via out look have you tried that?

    sptv1= are you using the 650? If so you should conatact them they had some bugs but have a new beta version you can try. My friend is using it and so far so good, but it was a bumpy start.
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    I have tried both Seven and Sproqit and found Seven is better for me (Sproqit seem to overload my memory and locked out Avantgo) but I have two problems/issues. 1.) SMS push does not work even though I checked the box; 2.) the Time Zone does not seem right - i.e. my 2 pm appointment appears on my Seven as 1 pm. (I am Eastern.)

    Any one have suggestions?
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    what PDA are you using?
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    All I want is a coparate email solution that I can open reall attachments. It would be nice to just be able to download the attachment with out opening it to the Treo or SD card so I can then open it with Doc to Go. I've been using Seven for about a year now. I really like using it. I just need the ability to open an excel file so I can read it as it should be read. The same goes for a pdf file. I get a ton of each sent to me daily and when I travel, it sucks not being able to read the docs as they should.
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    hall316- i use sproqit and excel files are very readable. have you tried it? i travel a bunch and like sproqit a lot. they should have lotus notes available next year. Try them their customer service is also really helpful.
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    I checked it out, but unless it can do everything I am looking for it's not worth making the switch. I don't pay a fee now so why should I start for a product that doesn't do what I am looking for. Besides, I like how Seven works in the backround and I thought Spoqit won't.
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    i don't understand what you mean about working in the background. can you explain?
    how does seven open excel? in a word doc? The nice thing about the sproqit technology for wireless is it is all improving rapidly.
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    To me, working in the background means it downloads email and tells me I have new messages regardless of what application I'm in.
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    I have been using sproqit for over a month now and it is working well.
    Sometimes the problems you have are due to your device and its interfacing with the program.

    I found sproqit customer service to be really fast and helpful.
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