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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmLover
    Data is not charged by the minute, only by how much is downloaded, so you may get charged for a tiny amount of data that is pinging between your PC and your Treo. I don't know of a carrier that charges data by the minute, although I am not familiar with Verizon's plans, I am assuming they are the same as other carriers.
    One of Verizon's plans does indeed charge by the minute. It's a lot cheaper than unlimited data (which is $45/month for PDA's last time I checked), and might be pretty attractive for those who have unlimited nights and weekends, as well as those with large buckets of anytime minutes.
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    Looks like Sproqit is live!
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    Yep, still not background sync. App. needs to be in the forefront to function. I think once they have background sync (so you do not have to be in Sproqit mode), they will REALLY have something.

    A good no-I.T.-intervention re-director for corporate wireless access is needed.

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    I also think Sproqit is okay, provided they get background sync going. Until then it is simply not an alternative.
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    I'm trying the Seven personal edition and Sproqit betas.

    Seven has a much better interface and a much faster response time. But it doesn't seem to allow me to create new calendar appointments on my Treo. I can't find any buttons or menu choices for "new", and haven't been able to find anything in their documentation that would say otherwise.

    Nor does it provide access to tasks.

    Am I overlooking something simple?
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    If you create an appointment in the calendar program and then sync when you get back, it effectively does the same thing (you have it on your treo when you are away from your desk and on your desktop when you are there).
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    Sproqit does everything real-time. Youd never ever have to sync at your desktop. In my mind, that's the holy grail.
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    But it also doesn't work unless the application is open. That makes it basically useless in my book.
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    Why would you ever close the application? I just keep it running.
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    For all sorts of reasons. Battery life, incoming calls, to use other applications, etc.
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    How long did you try it? I get a couple of days battery life and my calls do come in. Compared to Seven, I think it's a lot better, especially if you have exchange and want to do more than POP3 email.
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    I installed it, and it didn't work. When I looked into fixing it, that's when I discovered it only works when it's open. So I ditched it.
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    so I guess you really didnt try it, huh?
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    No. But again, until they get background operations (like seven, bc, and even handspring's email client) it ain't an alternative.
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    KRamsauer- I thought I may not like having the application open but I have no problems with it. I think you are writting it off too soon- hey you didn't even try it.
    I consier the security risk of the others like seven and visto too great.

    Sproqit is really fast and much safer.

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    The problem is this: I use my palm for all sorts of stuff. I don't want to always remember to go back into the application in order to get my email. It should tell me when I have email, not the other way around.
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    I just wire it to a button. I always press that button to return to the app. It does beep and show an email alert, even when it's turned off. When I was using Seven, their SMS alert wouldnt even work a lot of the time. Same with Visto. Not only that, but Sproqit is immediate. There is about a 2 second lag between when an item appears in my inbox and when it shows up on the device. In fact sometimes I get it on the device first. I love being able to delete emails and file them into folders from wherever I am, and then returning to the office and seeing that it's all done. I zap spam and viruses immediately. It's truly like having an extension to my computer, not just email synch software.

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    If you make a phone call and then put the phone down without going into the application, do emails still get delivered (with a beep and vibrate)?
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    Kramsauer- yes it should. are you using treo?
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    Hm.... I may need to try this application again.
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