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    I actually sent the same question to their support alias. Evidently they dont have a data center, so no information is sent outside yoru network. They create a direct connection to your dektop and it's more like remote control that works asynchonously when it's not connected. I guess that's why it's so fast-- it's realtime rather than redirecting information to an outside data center. FWIW, I found their support to be really quick in getting back to me.
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    Sproqit does sound like a remote control application. Does that mean you need to keep Outlook running on the desktop to access your mail? (My Outlook crashes on average a couple of times a day.)
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    I'm testing Sproqit. PC needs to be connected to the network, but WOW! Attach a file from my local hard drive...incredible.

    Too bad PC needs to be connected and you can't "delegate" like Visto. I'm going to continue testing it for a wekk or so and will report back.

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    John, i think you have to have outlook installed, but it doesnt have to be running if youre using exchange. for pop3 only, it doesnt have to be installed. I'm loving this thing.
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    Thanks ClipFan. This sounds really good, way better than Sprint BizConn. My primary work PC is a notebook that often isn't connected to the network, but I guess I could load the Sproqit PC app on any old box on the network. The stability of the PC bit would be my main concern.
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    Does Sproqit work with Verizon? Can I run it personally or do I need to go through my provider?
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    It's carrier independent. I've even been using it over wi-fi at home.
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    Sounds great. So, I can run it on my desktop at home and it will push email, contacts, calendar to my treo? That would be exactly what I'm looking for since I don't want to sync with an exchange server, just my home desktop.
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    I'm running Sproqit in a corporate environment (Exchange Server) on a CDMA Treo. Here are my observations so far:

    - Desktop has to be always on and connected
    - For the desktop to connect to the Treo it takes upwards of 30 minutes+ with 2700 contacts. Anytime you reboot your PC, this painful process takes place.
    - NO audible/vibrate alert from what I can see
    - Phone calls can not be received when using Sproqit. It seems to ping the sevre quite frequently. 1 out or 10 calls may get through while it is connected, the remainder go direct to voicemail (this could be a network issue, don't know yet)
    - You are looking at your actual desktop, hard drive and all. It grabs the data in real time as you request it. For example, open Calendar and you can see it slowly populating the fields, being fed from your desktop.
    - Set up in my secure corporate environment was easy. I didn't give it any information other than my login name and password, it found it's way throuh the firewalls and server settings.

    If I can figure out how to receive phone calls while using Sproquit and have an audible or vibrate alert for new mail and appointments, this solution would rock.

    Let's face it, there is a big gap for corporations who only support BES or won't support an IT managed server solution. Add this to a carrier that does not offer Visto or Seven and there is nothing on the market.

    Looking for additional comments on Aproqit or something like it. What about cost? Does anybody know how this is going to priced? Currently it's free.

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    It definitely takes a while to start up. I havent hard to restart my computer, though, so I only dealt with it once. I do get audbile alerts and phone calls, but I am on the tmobile network. Have you contacted sproqit support? Maybe it's a beta issue?
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    I don't see anywhere on the menu for alerts. I will contact support for some more info.

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    O.K., just heard a faint double beep when it connected and received new mail. However, when Sproqit is connected, can definetly NOT receive a phone call. If I go to the phone mode, I notice the network connection drop and I can receive calls.

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    Try going into the Palm preferences menu and choose "general." If your system sound is set to "low," that would explain it. Still dont know why youre not getting phone calls, but I would definitley report it.

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    It was set for "medium", you were right. Should have checked that.
    WRT, not receiving calls, I am testing on the Bell Mobility (Canada) CDMA/1X network. I am 100% certain of the following:

    1) Phone calls can bot be received when Sproqit is running
    2) Sproqit disconnects from the network when you leave the app. and does not automatically re-establish itself unless you re-launch it. Not a true "background push" scenario.

    I'm also looking at Consilient
    if anybody has any experience with it.

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    I got a message from Sproqit support stating that the phone not ringing is a known beat issue with CDMA Treo's and that they are working through it right now. WRT not staying connected when the app isnt in the foreground, they say they will be adding that in a dot release in January.

    Let us know how consilient works.


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    Those fixes would make it a great solution. I read somewhere that it will be $8.99/month.
    Still looking for a desktop redirector for corporate enterprises who ONLY will support BES. It would need to self-configure like Sproqit, Visto or Seven, work in Notes or Exchange shops, be ip push for all pim and open attachments in docs-to-go.

    The key is no I.T. involvement, yet be secure enough not to raise any eyebrows. This would be for large Govt., financial and corporations.

    What won't work is VPN/Snappermail or asking I.T. to open ports to send IMAP4 to a 3rd party. In addition, with Visto and Seven only selling through the carrier and Infowave dropping out of that business, there is very little on the market for this HUGE opportunity, which is specifically, employees wanting to use Treos instead of BB because they prefer it.

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    If I'm understanding this correctly, in order for Sproqit to push data to your Treo, your Treo (via the sproqit companion) must be connected to the network. Is this correct? If so, I guess that would mean you would pretty much be required to have an unlimited data plan, correct? Would this be true for all push technologies?
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    No, just because you are connected to the network, does not mean that you are being charged anything. You only are charged for the amount of data (mb) being downloaded to the Treo, therefore, even if you are always connected, you will not be charged unless there is a new email or change that requires something to be downloaded on the device.

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    Currently I'm not on any data plan, I just get charged regular minutes off of my plan whenver I access the web, check email, etc. Basically, whenever I connect to the verizon network. When I run the Sproqit companion it looks like it is connecting me to the Verizon network which I would think would then start charging me minutes. I'll have to look at my usage history to see if this is true.
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    Data is not charged by the minute, only by how much is downloaded, so you may get charged for a tiny amount of data that is pinging between your PC and your Treo. I don't know of a carrier that charges data by the minute, although I am not familiar with Verizon's plans, I am assuming they are the same as other carriers.
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