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    So bought WebViewer as an alternative to Blazer. Yes (on Sprint) it's a bit faster, but not a lot, and I find it cumbersome to navigate with, and it doesn't always render my pages. I also hate that itwon't accept "pastes" of any copied text, so any URL I want to enter from my Blazer bookmarks I have to manually enter. Also, one funny thing - my Google bookmark consistently points to "Google Canada"; no matter how many times I enter the ".com" version, I get ".ca" - Huh?
    Anyway what's the current opionion out there about WebViewer?
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    I love it. Best browser out there, Google bug and all
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    In my experience, it's incredibly faster than Blazer (just try to open or with both - they're very graphics laden, and you can see the huge difference)
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    To get U.S. google just use the address
    To paste text, just use the 0 key(alt), this brings up the keyboard screen, you can paste any text fine in there....yep webviewer does still rule...
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    Well, the main difference is mainly speed. I'm surprised you don't notice a difference. Webviewer is much faster for "normal" web pages. You won't see as much of a difference if you mostly stay on pda-optimized pages.

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