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    hey all don't know if the PDA apps treo 300sms has been fixed to work with sprint or not, but I found an App that will work in conjunction with the sprint treo 300 to allow you to connect with Sprint's servers and send sms messages.

    goto--------> or

    program is called Text Messenger
    Version 2.0.3
    Released 10/12/2004

    **** Just a note, the install crashed my phone on hotsync but nothing a quick lil soft reset can't handle. Smooth sailing from there on out.
    hope this helps
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    I tried this app and could only send to sprint users. maybe this version fixes it, but I just spent the $20 and bought the pdaapps that enables the send feature via the sms client already installed. it works fine if I can get my no caller id fixed
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    i went and got the pda apps treo 300sms and I cant get it to authenticate my vision acct. Any advice?
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    you also can try i used it when i had a 300. it seemed to do the job for what i needed.
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    i'm completely stuck and posted something similar in another thread - sorry for being redundant. i installed treo300sms and it works fine to send, but when i receive - i get a beep, a message that says "retrieving short mail" and then a blank screen. Outgoing but no Incoming. pdaapps has been of no useful help and i am stuck. anybody got a fix?

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