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    My wife and I both have Treo 600's and love the game Bejeweled. She always blows me away and has the high score. Is there anyway I can hack into her phone's Bejeweled and give myself some ridiculous high score? I'm lame at the game.
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    When you're married, I guess even a small, insignificant, and fake victory is better than no victories at all!
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    Atleast someone feels my pain!
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    Give up, szelik, like the rest of us... my girlfriend used to shatter every single one of my high scores... no matter what I did, she would take over all slots on the scores table. It's a girl thing, I suppose, some kind of bejeweled-sixth-sense-kung-fu-thingy.

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    Yeah be thankful she's playing with fake jewels and not asking for the real thing.
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    Oh, do they NOT always ask for the real thing?
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    whats her high scrore. Mine is 66,xxx. That game is addictive
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    Well... I don't have those scores anymore (hard reset + breakup )... but I have to admit that there was ONE of my top scores that she could never beat, it was around 130,000 or so. But while I NEVER managed to get such a score again, she consistently got 70-90K. Ooooh the pain...
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    LOL... My boyfriend and I both play on our phones. My current hi-score is 131510, his is about 54000. It's the one game that I consistently win--and I love it! If you find a hack for that, please don't post it here, I'd miss gloating too much!
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    If you can't hack it, then the next best thing is to learn some strategies!

    The best strategy is to play the matches you see on the top rows before playing any below. Work down from the top. The theory is that you can destroy a match higher up by playing low, but you can't destroy a lower one by playing high, so it maximizes the odds of having a remaining match.

    Another strategy is to only match 4 in a row if there is no other diamond of the same type in the vicinity. If there is another one, just match 3 and leave the remaining pair together as a future match. You'll see that matches of 4 or more don't score much of a bonus, but combos, where you match multiple lines of 3 in the same move (possibly by falling diamonds) scores huge.

    Edit: BTW... my top score is a little over 300K.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickS
    Edit: BTW... my top score is a little over 300K.

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    My best score is 200k+
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