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    I'm way too old to remember all this stuff!

    I use ZLauncher with FileZ and Backup Buddy and have a friend that has a Treo that just crashed and lost all her data. Sprint gave her a brand new phone so she now realizes the need for a backup program. She is just now to the point of needing more space so we will need to move some apps and pictures to the card. Without her have to buy ZLauncher, how do we move apps to the Card and where are the pictures so I can move them to the card as well. I was trying to beam her FileZ and there wasn't even enough room for that.

    Sorry for being verbose and redundant but she is panicing now and I'm too old to remember this stuff now that I do it a completely different way.

    Thanks for the reminder.
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    I have Zlauncher, and don't remember how to do it without Zlauncher either.

    However, you can demo Zlauncher and do what you need now, then decide what to use later.
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    She can move the pictures using the camera app. Select the picture, <menu> move, and select the SD card as the destination. Hopefully, she can clear up enough space to install FileZ that way.

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