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    Well I am one of those users that can't get the Google SMS feature working. I thought I would post my settings and see if we can find anything that might determine why some work and some don't.

    I am Sprint using the 1.2 upgrade (have been for some time with no problem).

    I don't use a signature (it is unchecked).

    In my phone settings, I have North American Dialing on (I also tried with that off with no change).

    I am in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago.

    I have VeriChat and CallFilter installed - They are the only apps that might do something with SMS. CallFilter has 'no' rules for SMS - only for the phone.

    I even reset my password (via Sprint's web page) to see if that would help - but no luck.

    Does anyone use Sprint with v1.2 and have this working? Are you using their built in SMS?
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    Are you using Treo600SMS by PDAapps? If so, disable it.
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    Never even installed it... so nope - not using that ...
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    so in the to field you have "46645" and in the body of the SMS you have "pizza.yourzipcode"? Then you hit send and never get a responce?

    and yes, I am a CDMA Sprint user with the latest frimware Treo600-1.20-SPR and I use the OE (original equipment) SMS application.
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    correct. I fill it out exactly as you described and no respone

    I may try a hard reset and try it.
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    Sorry, I have no other ideas...
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    You're not the only one that can't get 46645 GOOGL to work. I've never been able to get it to work and I've read many other posts of people on various carriers that can't get it to work.

    I really believe it's something on Google's end. Something about their servers and how they are configured with the text messaging network (however that work) is not up to par so not everyone gets responses.

    I suspected because my number was ported from AT&T to Cingular that it had something to do woth the problem, but I know others that can't get it to work have never been ported, so that can't be it.

    I have no resolution. I've emailed Google and asked them to check the server logs for my wireless number to see if the requests ever got through and to please figure out the problem. Of course I don't expect much.

    Just wait and see. Eventually they will have to solve the problem

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