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    I am in my 2nd week of having my Treo and so far so good. Last night however, I go to charge the Treo and no light, no charge. I am riding on 30% battery power right now, and keeping my phone off until I can go to the sprint store and figure this out. Could this just be my charger, or maybe the battery? The sync works fine, but not the charger. If it is my battery, will they give me a new phone? I have the insurance, but since this in only a week old, would I even need that.

    I am hoping it is just the charger. I have everything backed up on my card (not sure how to get the stuff off onto a new phone if I have to) so that makes me feel better
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    you should be able to return or exchange for a brand new if you are within ur 30 days return policy period. YMMV depending on the carrier.

    TMO has 30 days return policy for the headset without new activation. not sure what the deal is with sprint.
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    I bet it's the charger. Mine fried after about a month. Not covered under warranty with AT&T so went to CompUSA and bought an aftermarket charger which works great.
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    I hope it is just the charger. The sync works without any problem and that is the same port that the charger uses. The charger worked fine one night and then the next day nothing.

    I would assume that the battery is OK since it still is holding its charge.

    I will find out tomorrow for sure.

    Just sux not having a phone (keeping it off top conserve power until I really need it since I have no other charger at all right now)

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