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    I have a Treo600 from Verizon and have a problem where the wireless sync works for a day or two and then stops responding. When I'm travelling, I simply stop getting mail after a while. When I get back to my desktop, I see a red x across the system tray icon for the wireless sync. Occasionally I'll get an error as well that says "The microsoft exchange server is unavilable. Retry, ignore?" Is this a problem with my PC, my Exchange Server or Verizon?

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    what that means is that your PC has lost its connection to the Exchange server. So either Exchange itself had some hiccup, or (more likely) your network connection - typically a VPN one - has lost its connection, and Exchange got disconnected as well. That's the issue with redirectors - did you know that Wireless Sync can be installed on ANY constantly connected laptop or PC/server in your company (not just yours), and you can then get your mail and travel with your laptop, or disconnect your PC or whatever.

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