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    I am on the process of buying a Blackberry since they have the push mail technology, but I heard that palm just sign a deal with RIM tech to use their push mail technology. If is true then I would rather wait and get the treo 650 since I like the Palm plataform app.......
    Also when will TMobile have the Treo 650 ???
    Thanks to anyone who can shed some light...
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    I am afraid no one that know is telling. The general rumor consensus is sprint will probably first. I saw a treo650(sprint) at the chattanooga sprint store last week. (not for sale, being tested) I love Chatter for IMAP push email. Guesses for 650 release go from next Friday "soft launch" to Feb '05(Gotta give SV his say ) A lot of folks I think (me included) are hoping for 25 Oct (not holding my breath). Sprint CSR's are saying December, take that for what it's worth. Nothing substantial, really. Lot's of meandering thread of speculation here. Search around and have fun!
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    Don't expect any 650 to have Blackberry service out of the box nor soon. I've read estimates of second half of next year. We'll probably be asking about it then for a 700.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    But you can get the equal of most Blackberry features, including push email, and some features even better, with Chatteremail, and it works with the T600! Why go Blackberry and lose Palm functionality?
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    dont expect a Blackberry client for the treo anytime soon. I remember palm promoting that they would have it by March 04 (or somewhere around that time) for the 600. Never happened.
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    Why wait for a RIM client? Treo600 with Good software can do the same and even more than a Blackberry. Secured link to the exchange server and email with attachements in the original Word, Excel and Powerpoint format, that can be read, edit and created.
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    Maybe I'm wrong, but the RIM solution will require additional server software for your email to make the "push." As others have pointed out, there are several other good push options (Chattermail, Goode) and several real good "pull" clients (Versamail, Snappermail - the one I prefer). Either way, you can get a lot of mileage out of the 600/650 platforms while you wait for the RIM client, and you probably will (wait that is).
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    The client will be available shortly:

    I talked to some RIM reps at a conference recently and they said it's almost ready to go. They're just waiting for carriers to develop pricing plans. No need to install anything new on the BB server.

    Quote Originally Posted by wirelessuser
    Why wait for a RIM client?
    Because many IT departments have already adopted the "popular" choice, and are not about to admit that they may have made a mistake and go back to management and ask for more $$$ for Treos.

    OTOH, many of them might not even know they made a mistake. I asked my IT director about Treos, and he asked, "What can it do that a BB can't?" I place the blame for this question squarely on P1's non-existent marketing department.

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