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    i think i may have made a bad mistake. i sold my sprint treo 600 for about $480 with like all my accessories but now im starting to get really scared. i have a lil a500 to keep my number until the 650 comes out but if it doesnt come out till december i might die. has anyone else sold their precious?
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    Not yet, but I'm sure a lot of us will be selling them soon I hope.


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    I sold mine for $330. I miss it very much right now, might just get the Daxian if it comes out before the Treo 650
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    I sold mine for $325.00. I'm currently using a Motorola V600 and Tungstem T3. Having two devices isn't so bad, especially on airplanes. Not more stupid questions about my Treo.

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    the lack of a palm pilot is the toughest
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    Mine is on ebay right now. Ends tomorrow. I too will go a little loopy if it's much more than a month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdavid
    the lack of a palm pilot is the toughest
    AMEN to that. I sold my Treo 600 about a month ago before the price drops to much. I have had a hard time without my palm. I am sure hoping we have a release date of Oct 25th. The date may be Oct 18th?
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    ok. i feel better and not like a fool. as of tomorrow i will be the user of a freakin a500. Its gonna hurt. i could actually borrow a tungsten t3 for a while which might be interesting.. those have wifi dont they... good god please come out in time!!! ARGGHHHHHH!!!!
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    well i got a question. aside from palm smartphones i havent been a longtime palm person.. more than one device being too much for me. however for this increment of time between 600 and 650 i have to make an exception.. as long as i dont have to buy anything. i can borrow a tungsten t3 for a few months if needed.

    however here's my confusion. on the palmone website the tungsten t3 shows up as a WiFi product but i dont see wi fi in its specs. anyone want to clarify?
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    i do not think i am going to sell mine thou. in fact, i will not (and can't) get the 650 after it launches... normally i am trying to get some cool stuff in the later game... try to save some $$
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    Sold my T600 on Ebay for $360+$15 s/h last week. I'm using an old Samsung and an old Clie. I miss my T600 very much. I have to find a computer to: check my email, acess my home computer remotely, read the news, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wahili
    however here's my confusion. on the palmone website the tungsten t3 shows up as a WiFi product but i dont see wi fi in its specs. anyone want to clarify?
    Nope, the T|C is the only Palm(One) PDA with Wi-Fi built-in, though PalmOne will sell you a oversized Wi-Fi SD card for $129.

    I think your confusion may stem from the current offer that you can get a card free with the T3 if you subscribe to T-mobile's WiFi service.
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    I gave my Treo 600 right back when I found out about the Treo 650. Of course I kept it two days over my two week grace period becasue I was in love with it. Then I b*tched and made them take it back! LOL
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    I would sell mine if I had one. For those of you who are planning on doing it, you should do it SOON!!! EBAY is FULL of them....some are starting as low as $80.
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    I'll keep mine as a back-up device. I used to have 2 prism/visorphone combos and boy, was that ever helpful! A couple bad drops and the prism was broken. Whether this is a testament to my dediction to palm products or fiscal irresponsibility, I don't know )
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    Sold my 600 and all accessories on ebay.....just waiting for my BB 7290 now.
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    Hi all,

    Thanks to you guys (and gals) I returned my 14 day old Treo 600 back to Verizon.

    After purchasing it, I did a search for info on the 600, found this forum, found out about the 650, and returned my 600 (that I paid $549 for!)

    So anyway, thanks ...(or maybe not if its going to be a 6 month wait )
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    the treo650 date (for sprint anyway) still looks like a december release. can call sprint right now, and they all say december. i know with the 600, they had no clue about 600, even after it was released. but now all the sprint reps are saying december....

    but i sold my treo. 475 after s&h. i got a vm4500 for now that i got for cheap. and like ol' boy said above....not having a palm is the worst. can't get online. cant get my mail. nothing. i might be tempted to move to the ppc6601.
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    Just as a side note on T600 prices.
    I saw the Sprint T600 was $99 with new activation @ Best Buy this week.
    So I'd expect the Sprint Treo prices on eBay to start tumbling down. . .
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    I won a 600 that I recently sold on eBay only because of the 650 coming out shortly. There are two major reasons for me to wait on the 650: BlueTooth and screen resolution. I use a BlueTooth headset and it would be tough to give it up.

    I have been a long-time Palm and Handspring user. I now use a T3 and a Nokia 6820 (BlueTooth and EDGE) that I use for connectivity. I even have the ability to click a person in my contact list and dial their number via BlueTooth. I have been debating about whether to move to the 650.

    So here is my question to you long time Treo users: What advantages do you have with a Treo that I do not have with my current setup, other than the obvious single device advantage? You have a smaller screen and that annoying little antenna nub. I would also have to get used to the thumb-board.
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