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    Quote Originally Posted by jberger
    Just as a side note on T600 prices.
    I saw the Sprint T600 was $99 with new activation @ Best Buy this week.
    So I'd expect the Sprint Treo prices on eBay to start tumbling down. . .

    I was at BB last night, and I could have sworn I saw it at normal price.

    To those who have already sold theirs, you are pretty sure PalmOne won't have a loyalty bonus, then? I still have my fingers crossed hoping that the ESN from my 600 will help subsidize a new 650.
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    havnt sold mines yet but the second the 650 is released its up for grabs lol .
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    Mine's on Ebay now..$299 with 3 days left. I got a blackberry from work, so that's taking care of the email, and since I was only using the Treo for web access and email, i'll be ok. I dusted off my Palm Vx and put it to good use. Come on, PalmOne...send out the 650!
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    ah so i see the 600 discarding is in full effect then. now im glad i sent it on its way...
    thanks for answers on the wifi.. the tmobile thing was exactly what threw me and is in fact a little deceiving.. oh wait im talkin about palmOne so i shouldnt be too surprised. i

    if its really $99 at best buy then those prices are gonna fall very fast but i still havent seen that deal and it seems way to low. i think the sign you were lookin at had teh 3 in front of 99 smudged out or something cuz it looks like the dropped it to $399 with activation.

    well time to begin my Treo less period... if only i could stop twitching and puking from the withdrawl effects it would be a lot easier.
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    Sold my Treo 600 2-3 months ago for $350 to a co-worker. I'm really missing it too. Treo650 or something comparable can't come out soon enough!
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    Sold mine a month ago for $415 and am currently using pocket's starting to hurt so I'm checking here every day to find out when the 650 will be available. (cingular)
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    I had 2 T-600's (I kept one in case I lost or killed the other). I just sold off my extra unit based on the 650 coming soon. Now I just have to hope that I don't lose or kill my remaining T-600
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    Simply amazes me that anyone would pay more than 150 bucks for a Treo 600...There was some dude who claimed that he sold his old 600 for 475.00...475.00!!!!! HOLY COW...I have a bridge in Manhattan for sale to the person who just bought a used Treo for anything over 150
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    First off, even though the prices may drop, asking me to sell my Treo would be like asking a junkie to sell his crack. Second, I sold my 300 last year well after the 600 was out, and got a pretty penny for it. So I'm really not worried. Still, I actually have another idea I've been toying with. I have several friends that have watched me with my Treo, but haven't been able to bring themselves to pay the price. I'm thinking I might decide which one will get the most use out of it, then GIVE it to them. That way I've introduced another person to the wonders of the Treo, and I will have someone else in the world who can text me at my pace, since they'll have the thumboard. There are several worthy candidates I'm considering.
    Go here if you're tired of being .
    It'll be fun.
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    Dr Doom...I'm gonna tell Mr fantastic where you are so he can whup yer behind (In the nicest way, of course)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wahili
    well i got a question. aside from palm smartphones i havent been a longtime palm person.. more than one device being too much for me. however for this increment of time between 600 and 650 i have to make an exception.. as long as i dont have to buy anything. i can borrow a tungsten t3 for a few months if needed.

    however here's my confusion. on the palmone website the tungsten t3 shows up as a WiFi product but i dont see wi fi in its specs. anyone want to clarify?
    wahili, i like your addition on the signature.
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    Sold mine on ebay with Accessories back in July and got $895 although that is Australian Dollars which is around US$650
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigKenny
    wahili, i like your addition on the signature.
    haha yeah well my A500 couldnt believe he was seeing the light of day so it was only fair. yeah and i know what u mean im feeling a little nuts without the treo actually. i am using a t3 which was lent to me till the 650 comes out and i must admit, not having used one on a regular basis that is one huge and beatiful screen. the thought that ill have a 650 with a crisp screen like that is just a wonderful thought.

    death to the demoness palmOnE marketing!!!!
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    I am going to wait for the next treo after 650 that will work with umts.
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    I bought my first smartphone in June (K 7135). Then VZW decided to carry the T600 so I broke down and bought the T600 2 weeks ago. Well, after reading about the T650, the T600 goes back tonight -- just under my 15 days so I'll get a full refund. I refuse to go back to 3 seperate devices (pocket pc/cell/pager). It was like wearing Batman's Utility Belt!
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    not me! First of all, history tells me that Verizon customers may get the device as much as a year later than anyone else could - but also, if theres any way in hell that I'll be able to get the new 650, I'm going to need the 600 as a bribe for my wife!!!
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    well i just obligated myself to sprint for another 2 years seeing as how sprint always seems to do cool stuff first in the US.. as someone else has in their sig first camera phone, first megapixel phone, first national 3g network, first treo, and now seemingly first treo 650 and first high speed network in january.
    and my plan with them is $60 a month includes:

    750 anytime minutes
    unlimited nights weekends (or some really high amount i dont get near)
    free pcs to pcs
    free calls starting at 7pm
    $5 a month unlimited vision
    lockline replacement insurance
    daily SMS with remaining minute notification
    and a partridge in a pear treo

    If you can show me a plan that will do me better id be amazed.
    thats with retention plan and renewal incentives
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    I'm selling my Treo 600. What has everyone else done to erase their data, and restore it to factory settings?
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    Mine just sold for $358. Mine is a unit from Tmobile (had insurance, so made up a reason for returning mine). I did a hard reset before sending mine back to Tmobile.
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