When I bought my phone last December, it worked fine inside my house. I only had 2 bars when in my bedroom, but I could still hear/be heard just fine. Two-three months later, I started getting dropped calls when inside my house. Not long after that I often times took calls outside because the reception inside was not that great.

Fast forward to a month ago. Now when I get a call inside my home, it rings once or twice and goes to voicemail. I can't check my voicemail inside because I get "no service" 5 seconds after dialing 1. Talking from my driveway is starting to become hit or miss. I have to drive 8 blocks before I can make a frigging phone call.

Why is this happening? I haven't spoken to a Sprint rep about it. However, I did call that number that resets your tower and then dialed that code or whatever to reset it. It didn't help. What has happened to my $500 phone?