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    Any one got some info or feedback on soft launch from Sprintpcs for the Treo 650? I have tried calling daily and no luck. Some CSR have been friendly and others extremely rude. Seems like Telesales goes by whats on the website. I shall keep trying. I have a business account and last year got my Treo 600 thru its soft launch on or about Oct 4th which was weeks before it hit the stores.
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    Keep us posted
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    2 diff Sprint sales reps on 2 diff 866 numbers had the same info. the 650 will be available in Decmber with no specific date. They would not confirm a soft launch date, or if there is one. Looks like we wait for Santa Claws. And that sucks cause its my B-day an I want one NOW
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    Not for nothing but I was in a sprint store in Cali today and asked the rep. He said the 650 had been (soft) launched in a few (small) test markets already. Take it with a grain of salt..I sure did.
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    Add me to the "Keep us Posted" list!
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