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    Using a sim editor ( like sim master you could copy your sim onto a blank. This would allow those of us with multiple phones to just be able to grab one when we want it without having to physically move the sim. Or, you could keep a cheap phone tethered to a docking station (like dock n talk) for whole house coverage while you run around with your cell.

    1) anybody ever hear of a service provider who will do this so I don't have to get a piece of hardware for a one time use? Yeah, it's cheap, but, what a waste!

    2) any guesses what would happen if you tried to use 2 devices with the same sim info at the same time? Would you essentially have "extension phones" or would the system crash?
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    That won't allow you to "clone" your SIM, which happens to be illegal in every country. It just transfers your contacts and stored SMS messages from one SIM to another. SIM cloning can be done but it's quite difficult. I don't recommend discussing things of illegal nature here on TC.
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    eegads, thank you
    this was something I saw discussed on another board, and it seemed so reasonable
    thanks for setting the record straight!
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    From what I understand if you can feed the sim card 150,000 different seed numbers and note the responses, then work backwards to work out the private key, you can make an illegal copy of your sim. This is a task that would take dedicated hardware and software many hours. From the network side of things I think both phones would ring but i don't think you can just pick up one phone and hear the other phone's conversation without some special hardware. I also don't think the network will get messed up either.
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    Both phones cannot be on at the same time. If your SIM attempts to register twice with the carrier's network an error will occur on their end. And depending on how their system is set up, a "Red Flag" may or may not go off on your account. I'm not quite sure what that could mean, but it doesn't sound too good.
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    after researching the posts I had seen on other boards and conferring with my carrier I have learned the following:
    1) some carriers (but not mine, although they say they are considering it) provide duplicate sims to subscribers either for a one-time fee or for a monthly recurring charge. This is specifically to allow subscribers to have the same phone number sim in their car phone or a docking device as in their portable phone without having to swap sims all the time. Contact your provider for more info.

    2)The GSM protocol automatically prohibits more that one access point per number at a time. So, if you did have duplicate sims you could still only use one at a time.

    3) SIM reader/writers are primarily for back up, although in some countries (not the US) software is available for personal use duplication AS ALLOWED BY LOCAL LAWS. Legal use of this software requires access to authorization codes from the service provider.

    4) The focus of the US laws is to prohibit fraud -- i.e. cloning a sim to make calls someone else has to pay for. Whether or not a subscriber can have duplicate sims for personal use seems to be a contractual matter between the subscriber and the provider. I.e. the authorization to use the system belongs to the provider and if they don't want you to have more than one access point per phone number, they are within their rights to shut you down.
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    Has anyone been allowed by cing to have 2 duplicate sims?
    (same #)
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    1) using right software (which is available for free on the web) and a SIM reader on can clone a SIM in less than an hour on average (not all SIMs can be duplicated though);

    2) if you use two different phones with clones of the same SIM, you can make a call from any of them (not simultaneously), while incoming call will go to the phone that was authenticated last (registered with the network, made a call, etc.).
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    Has anyone gotten permission from cingular to do this?
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