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    Quote Originally Posted by VikingBrad

    - The Blackberry just looks like a lame alternative to T9 that most people are have keypad phones are familiar. Does it have any advantage over T9? Or does the guessing mean you are usually only pressing 1 key for each letter like the Treo?
    i thought the same thing at first but when i took a look at it its 2 letters per key. so from a programming standpoint, since there are only 2 letters per key instead of 3 as with T9, the mapping logic will be much more accurate if a halfway decent team worked on it in terms of matching to a dictionary database of some type.
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    MPX still VaporWare...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kitmoni
    Nope, sure didn't know that. That's why I was so confused over the difference in the two units, but it now makes sense. I did look kind of funny trying to open the unit up at Best Buy in landscape mode ("no, seriously, I've seen pictures of this thing in landscape - there must be a way").

    Big laughs for me now. Thank you!
    I guess I can cross off the 220 and dream about the 300 from now on!

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    Something from HTC because Palm sucks, so I want a Touch Pro, Touch HD, or a Treo Pro.
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