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    Thanks for all the kind words guys. The MPX does have the crippled rom at this point, but apparently the rom can be updated later to the final version. I just learned that the MPX 220 was released in so cali, so i'm going to try and hunt one down and see if it works with my TL. I'll keep everybody posted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VikingBrad
    - The Blackberry just looks like a lame alternative to T9 that most people are have keypad phones are familiar. Does it have any advantage over T9? Or does the guessing mean you are usually only pressing 1 key for each letter like the Treo?

    Not even close. The BB keyboard rocks. It has nothing in common with T9 except for predictive text which in this case actually works. The keyboard layout is the same QWERTY layout we're all used to, just with 2 letters per key. So of course you only hit 1 key per letter. Also, the unit is lighter and slightly smaller than the 600 and feels better in hand IMO. Also, b/c the buttons are materially larger on the BB I pretty much never hit the wrong button.

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    Wow. That thing is a monster!
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    The feature set on the MPX is terrific, but they would have been better off using the A630 form factor with an outside numeric keypad, rather than this weird layout that compromises usability of the QWERTY keyboard to accomodate phone dialing (plus forces you to open the thing to dial a call)
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    I checked out one of those MPXs when my friend had one, it's really nice. Unfortunately I have not personally used it for more than a minute or two, but as you probably know, the thing flips open both ways - when you open it the length-wise way, I felt it was the most like a normal flip-phone of all of these things. It is a good, solid size. The keyboard is a little wacky, but it's not like that circular Nokia one or anything - certainly easier than t9.

    Another friend has that new BBerry as well and he loves it - I held it and it's a good size, feels nice - he says the keyboard is very easy to get used to and the predictive stuff is the best he's ever seen. I did not type with it.

    I just broke my p800 and I'm in a time between what I don't want (p900/treo 600) and what I want to check out (p910 maybe? treo 650 maybe?) so I'm back on an old phone I keep as a spare - Sucks not having the smartphone stuff...
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    I got it from a member of who had some engineering prototypes.
    You must have bought this from Bengalboy, no?

    For you uninitiated peeps- HERE is an interesting thread about the MPX.

    I would speculate that "selling the MPX since I don't have a use for it now" means that this engineering sample is totally crippled, albeit great eye candy.

    If you read carefully through the thread above, I think the memory is still VERY limited, some of the advanced features are crippled or buggy, and WiFi is junky too.

    People were selling these on ebay at one time for $1500+ -- hope nobody gets suckered.

    If MPX was real and it was here now, I may have to grab one myself, but these engineering samples are pretty rough around the edges.

    No hard feelings csunracer, but this unit diamond in the rough, no?

    When is Moto gonna release that?
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    As I mentioned earlier, it does have the crippled ram but i'm told it can be fixed at a later point with a ROM update. The main reason i'm getting rid of it is because it isn't working with tmobile at this point (only with ATT and cingular sims) and it doesn't work in my Acura TL. At this point i'm relying mainly on my blackberry 7100T as my primary phone. I'm strongly considering checking out the MPX 220 though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by csunracer
    I never was able to test it out on tmobile because i couldnt get a signal in my area. I popped in an ATT sim and it worked well. The phone is an engineering model with a engineering rom that cripples the amount of ram available to the user (it comes with 64 but is crippled to 32). Future rom updates should fix that issue. As far as the phone goes, it's the latest engineering build with the latest rom version.
    You mentioned that you could not test the MPX on T-Mobile because you could not get a signal but the blackberry phone clearly says T-Mobile in the picture.

    Wouldn't that indicate that you can get a T-Mobile signal to test the MPX??
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    I was able to get a weak signal but it was logging onto the cingular network and not allowing me to make a call.
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    Is the MPX unlocked? Could I use it in Europe with an Italian SIM? If so, how much are you asking for?
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    I really like the way the moto is designed. It is like a phone/ mini laptop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    i have a simple reason why not to get the MPx

    ITS A MOTO!...they're build quality is getting better...but still subpar
    Compaired to the Treo 180 - 600 awsome build quality??? I have loved my Treo's but their build quality is def lacking.
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    Is the 7100t good at all for web browsing, and as a PDA?
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    folding along 2 axes = just asking to be broken!
    There's no place like
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    Interesting to note is that Best Buy is advertising the MPx220 right now. They even have a dead prototype in the store. But even more interesting is that it doesn't look like the one on your carpet!! Hmmm.
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    Can I be the first to ask an obvious question...why not just pick the phone you like best and use an "old-fashioned" wired headset when you're in the car? Sheesh.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    The MPx 220 is an M$ Smartphone. The MPx (aka MPx 300) is a Pocket PC phone. But you knew that, right?
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    once the processor is changed on the mpx, it will be the hands down winner and champion! my new 'precious'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Im So Unpopular
    folding along 2 axes = just asking to be broken!
    Kinda cool though, reminds me of those station wagons of the 60's where the back door would either fold down like a tailgate, or hinge from the side, like a regular door.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceman6
    The MPx 220 is an M$ Smartphone. The MPx (aka MPx 300) is a Pocket PC phone. But you knew that, right?
    Nope, sure didn't know that. That's why I was so confused over the difference in the two units, but it now makes sense. I did look kind of funny trying to open the unit up at Best Buy in landscape mode ("no, seriously, I've seen pictures of this thing in landscape - there must be a way").

    Big laughs for me now. Thank you!
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