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    Haha not a pilot yet... Yet. lol!
    Thursday I take my AFAST!!! Hopefully that goes well. I've several aviator friends that tell me that its not a problem for people in my major. *crosses fingers*
    The main hurdle I have is my vision... I'm not sure what my vision is right now, but I do currently wear corrective lenses but I know my vision is not that bad. Now somebody told me that if I received PRK corrected vision (ONLY PRK as opposed to LASIK and LASEK) that the command flight surgeon would write off a waiver. I'm not COMPLETELY sure about this.
    One of my friends, a recently commissioned 2LT waiting to go to his OBC at Ft. Rucker told me I should go straight to the top with it since I keep getting mixed and twisted answers and email someone over at Rucker itself... Anyone have any suggestions in this field?

    And to be on topic, I'm not sure of any aviator programs out there. I'm sure there's some nice navigational calculators out there for it I'm sure.

    I know I dont like usin' my cross-sectional cardboard flight computer.
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    what, you don't like your whiz wheel? Yeah, there are a lot of flight computer programs out for palm. And a lot of them ar@
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