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    I just got CallShield and I want to use one of the features on it but question about it... I want to 'announce & hangup' when specific people call me. It asks for a file, which I'm assuming is like a wav file of me talking or something, but here's the question... If I'm right about that, correct me if I'm wrong, is there any software for the treo 600 that can record such files for that use?
    Anyone able to help?

    Thanks tons!
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    SoundRec , Personal Audio Recorder, Personal Audio Recorder Pro, Audacity, and mVoice.
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    Hmmmm mVoice is working nicely, BUT I cant incorporate it into CallShield. I looked all over for documentation for the CallShield 1.5 Pro but all I'm finding is for 1.34 which doesn't support the 'Announce & Hangup' feature. Any users utilize this feature?
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    CallShield 2.0 is on website and 2.0.2 has support for WAV/WMA etc and external card functionality.

    Please send us an email to and we will send out the new version. Manual should be updated shortly.

    -- Mike

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