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    Does anyone know if the case of the 180/270/300 units are identical? By fact sheet and pictures they look to be the same. Many posts indicate broken hinges. Many listings in Ebay for dead 180's. Can you replace the broken case (hinge) on a 270 with a 180 case?
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    I've got the same problem with a broken hinge. But if one finds another unit - even an identical 270 - how difficult is it to swap cases? Are there any instructions out there?
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    I have a perfectly functional 180 at home that I have never gotten around to putting on eBay (I'm really bad about that!). I use my 270 daily and have a broken hinge. I am going to repair the 270 case anyway, but while I'm at it I might as well try to swap the cases. I have already gutted the 270 for cleaning as well as to satisfy my curiosity. I'll gut the 180, take some pictures, and let you know.

    I also have a fully functional 300 (same story about eBay procrastination), but I don't think it really has any useful parts for this experiment. The complete cover with the door intact doesn't quite fit and I can't seem to get the door off to try it on the 270.
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    I was able to put the guts from my broken-hinged 270 into my yet-to-be-put-on-eBay 180 case and it seems to be working perfectly. The procedure was really simple, I just followed the instructions from this thread to disassemble both, swapped the batteries, swapped the other components, and reassembled. The battery exchange was necessary because the 270 battery is slightly larger and the wire is in a different location.

    The 300 is a slightly different beast, so that wouldn't work.

    Attached are some pictures from the "guts" of all three Treos. Notice the different battery locations and the point where the wire exits the battery packaging.

    By the way, I must say I really like the looks of the 270 inside the metallic blue case! I'll upload a pic after I restore all of my data. All is lost when you disconnect the battery, so be sure to sync before you attempt this procedure.

    Best regards,

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    Jason is correct:
    180/270 cases are interchangeable (front and back) but not with a 300 (300 is longer and thicker).

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