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    I finally have my Treo 600 exactly the way I want it with programs, etc....I'm moving to a hew hard drive on my computer which means I will be loosing the computer my treo has been syncing too all this time...

    How can I sync to the new computer while putting all thats on my Treo to the new computer without having to re-do everything? (contracts/programs, etc).... I use such software as Agendus Pro, P-Tunes, Z-Launcher, Webviewer, Verichat, Splashphoto, PDA Reach, PDA Net, and so on.....

    Thanks in advance

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    When you hotsync to your new PC it will ask you to create a sync ID. Just create the same ID you were using on your previous PC and it will put all the information from your Treo to that new PC. Including all apps you've installed in ROM only though. Apps you store in your SD cards cannot be hotsynced to any PC.
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    just make sure you set the PDA overwrites Desktop in hotsync options.
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    Have you considered a backeup to an SD Card as an extra precaution?

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