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    Check out this link to see some availabale accessories for the 650 - and pardon me if this has already been shared in this forum.

    Click here...
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    There is a link (that doesn't work) to purchase the 650 on that page too!
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    I think that's generic stuff that will work with a T600 or T650.
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    It says Treo 650, but the pictures are clearly of Treo 600s. It looks like someone took an existing ad for Treo 600s and accesories and just did a "search and replace" of "650" for every appearance of "600"
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    Wonder why they still say Handspring and not PalmOne..and the broken link refers to voicestream which doesn't exist anymore (T-Mobile)...seems like a fishing expedition or just poor website maintenance
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    Link no longer works...probably just a fake.
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    I'm new here, been lurking for a few months trying to get up to speed with the forum before posting, but it seems awfully shady that they're selling accessories for the 610, which to my knowledge never existed. That, combined with the fact it says Handspring make me REALLY doubt this.
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    It is total BS, just someone who did a search and replace 600-->650. We know for a fact that the new connector is incompatible with previous models, yet one of the items is listed as compatible with Treo 650, 300, 270, 180 & 90 (what happened to 600?)
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    there have been a number of sites that marketed accessories when we thought the ace was gonna be called the treo 610.

    IMO it isnt offical, until its on palmone's website.
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    also, why do the replacement styli have reset pins located under the tip like the T600 if the early pics of the 650 show the reset button under the battery cover? The reset button on the T650 appears big enough to be reset by the tip of the stylus (much like the Kyo7135), making a reset pin obsolete. something smells phishy........
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    Check out the price of the T600 at that site: $785.95! Rip, Off.

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