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    I downloaded the the PTunes 3.0.4 last night and have experienced a strange problem and I was hoping one of you could help me (since paying pocket tunes for the deluxe package doesn't necessarily gain you access to them).

    My phone will not work unless I use the treo 600 earpiece(I can not hear from the ear speaker, the caller can not hear me, etc. unless i use the earpiece). I have already used the trouble shooter on the normsoft site which makes sure your volume is up, that your volume bar (on pocket tunes) is not balanced to the right (treo 600 uses left side volume), that your mute is not switched on and that your phone sound preference is set to ring.

    I have deleted the program and performed a soft reset and still no help. I have also performed a hard reset.

    I would appreciate an ideas you guys may have on this matter.
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    Will it work with the speakerphone?
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    That doesn't sound like a problem caused by Pocket Tunes. Are you saying that you experience the problem even after a hard reset? Pocket Tunes doesn't change the behavior of any of the speakers or mic, so I couldn't imagine your problem being caused by it. I would suspect some other software, or just hardware problems that just coincided with your installation of Pocket Tunes.
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    isn't a hardware problem?
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    The speakerphone no longer works. However (and this is strange), if i slightly unplug the earpiece from the jack, I can talk on the phone like normal (i.e. i can hear the caller and they can hear me using the phone ear speaker and mic. I am 5 days out of AT&T's one month phone replacement so i just had to call Palm to get a refurb sent out, which sucks.
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    if you bought it from ATT, i thought P1 would not take care for you. you would have to call ATT for a replacement unit.

    good luck.

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