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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    Don't say I did not warn you. JOVE, you have just been banned.
    Thank you Ronbo. That was going nowhere fast.

    Although, it is kind of funny to see the member name with the status 'Banned' underneath.
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    Thanks Ronbo!
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    That's the way the vBulletin software works.
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    HOW WEIRD!!!!
    What did I say before....
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    j 'zero' v e

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    Quote Originally Posted by J0VE
    so why is it that you so desperately need to be heard?
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    Is that the way you get your post count so high?
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    Someone is catching on...

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    Banned again.
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    Banned again Christian?
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    Not really....and this account may be banned as well...But I think I have made my point...and by the way...
    I will be back!!!
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    I don't get it. I understand being offended by someone's language (it doesn't even have to be profanity to offend). But why the tenuous assertion that civility and profanity are mutually exclusive? Let the man say his piece and don't respond if you don't like it. If all he wanted was attention he'd go away if you ignored him.
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    Welcome to treocentral giessen! When did you get your treo? Feel free to browse the posts and let any of us know if we can help you out with your cool new toy!
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    Um...thanks. I've prowled the site for a year or two. Registered in February, but never felt the need to post before. But this weird thread, with people complaining about a member's choice of words, seemed so...well weird.
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    We get weirdness from time to time. I was annoyed because I saw a pattern of attack developing from thread to thread. The I got zeroed in on so I tattled.
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